Private Instruction

The curriculum, designed specifically for the educational and musical needs of each individual student, structures itself primarily on serious (classical), and modern music literature, modern teaching methodologies, highly refined technical exercises, and improvisation.

  • Private instruction is offered in:
    • Piano
    • Voice
    • Music Composition
    • Music Theory
    • Dalcroze Solfege

Children, teenagers, and young adults receive the necessary time, attention and counsel to allow true musical potential to grow and develop into refined musical skill.

Music theory and music history is included in each private lesson. However, students may register for formal music theory lessons in addition to the private instrumental or vocal lesson to gain a deeper insight and broader skill level. Music interpretation as it relates to the time periods and composers.

  • Each Student Receives:
    A comprehensive exploration and study of the finest music literature from all historical periods and their major composers
  • A thorough working knowledge of specific practice strategies and rehearsal techniques including memorization of the score
  • The development of specific performance skills including:
    • Small and large motors skills, hand-eye coordination
    • Balance, rhythm, tempo
    • Memory, concentration
  • The development of specific music reading and music theory skills including:
    • Note-name recognition based on the students instrument using English letter names and/or Latin sol-fa syllables
    • Key signature recognition
    • Rhythm notation recognition including note values, time signatures, and tempo markings

The normal primary lesson appointment is three-quarter hour and may increase on a quarter-hour basis.  Students may enroll for a secondary lesson (theory, composition, Dalcroze Solfege, voice or piano) which may be combined into one session. All piano students who reach the eighth grade are required to include a one-half hour weekly lesson in Dalcroze Solfege.

The study of scales, arpeggios, and technical exercises is included in all private instruction regardless of subject.