Studio Policies

Make-up Lesson

Please read the following policy on make-up lessons carefully. It is strictly followed without exception.

The tuition process works on a monthly basis and therefore, students are billed for either 4 or 5 lessons each month even in months when vacations or absences are scheduled in advance. (see “Vacations and Extended Absence” below). Please, there are no exceptions.

Any lessons for which the student may be absent will be treated as missed lessons. All missed lessons are rescheduled when a short notice is given in advance. There are no refunds or credits for lessons missed by the student for any reason including illness.

Missed lessons are placed in the “make-up” log and rescheduled at the teacher’s convince. Usually make-up lesson are scheduled during “group lesson month.” Generally, rescheduling lessons is the student’s responsibility.

Lessons missed without at least a 24 hours notice are not rescheduled, refunded or credited. (there may be exceptions for emergencies) A credit will be given on the following month’s statement only if the lesson has been canceled by the teacher and if the lesson cannot be rescheduled.

Vacations & Extended Absence

Vacations and Extended Absence

Up to three lessons missed due to a family vacation are treated as rescheduled lessons. (see “Make-Up Lessons” above)

Vacations extending longer than 3 consecutive weeks are treated as extended absences where a payment of 50% of the weekly tuition for each week missed is required in advance in order to guarantee the student’s lesson day and time. The payment is not a deposit and will not be credited to the student’s account.

Private Interview & Registration

Private Interview & Registration

The registration process is initiated only after a private interview with the applicant and when appropriate, his/her parent(s) has been completed by the director of The Settlement.

Adult students are encouraged to register but again only after a personal interview

Interviews are held by appointment only.

Transfer candidates are expected to perform at the piano. Any piece of literature recently studied is acceptable. Transfer students will also be expected to do some sight-reading, answer questions concerning music theory, and be ready to discuss their practice habits.

Beginning students will not be expected to perform and yet, will be asked questions relative to their interest in music and playing the piano.

All candidates should be progressing well in school and have only a few extracurricular activities.

Children under 4 years of age will not be given consideration at this time.

There are 2 ways to obtain further information:

For the most current registration form please click the registration form link below.