Studio Requirements

Required Equipment

Before a student is eligible to register for any type of instruction at The Settlement, he/she must have daily access to a piano in good repair. The Piano must either be acoustic (preferred) or a weighted-key digital such as the Technic Digital Ensemble or the Yamaha Clavinova. Electronic keyboards are not acceptable.
Each student must own a metronome. A manual wind-up model is preferred; a battery operated digital model will suffice. Metronomes are available through The Bethlehem Music Settlement Book Supply.


Practice on a daily basis is indispensable. All students are expected to practice according to instructions designed specifically for them. Students who are unable to continue a reasonable practice schedule will be asked to withdraw.


Proper hygiene and a clean atmosphere is vital in any educational environment. The studio is cleaned and vacuumed and the piano keys are disinfected on a daily basis. Students are asked to remove their shoes at the door.


In the best interest of the students, the Bethlehem Music Settlement has designed the following guidelines to prevent the spread of colds and other communicable diseases, and to comply with the regulations set forth by OSHA, the federal government regulatory authority on safety in the workplace.

  • All students are expected to wash their hands and nails just prior to their lesson. Washroom facilities are available but try to do this at home.
  • Finger nails must be kept short and clean. Short nails prevent germs from gathering and allow the tips of the fingers to be used properly for good finger and hand technique.
  • Students with colds, coughs, runny noses, etc.. should remain at home. A rescheduled lesson will be arranged.