The Applied Theory Program like that of the Composition Program can only be elected after the prospective student has studied piano or voice for at least 3 years and has reached 13 years of age. Exceptions to both age and length of study prerequisites may be granted to individuals who demonstrate a unique aptitude.

The program covers material that relates to keys, scales, intervals, triads, seventh chords, chord progression, part writing, figured bass, and melodic harmonization. The student completes weekly assignments, both with and without the use of the computer.

To enhance aural and visual recognition of various intervals, chords, and scales (major and minor) we use music-theory computer programs. Ear training and solfège on fixed doh letter names is integrated into all aspects of the curriculum.

We recommend that students purchase at least one of several music-theory computer programs for their personal use at home. Please contact the director for assistance with choosing the appropriate programs.