The vocal curriculum presents the study of vocal technique, diction, breathing, tone production, intonation, and vocal style. In addition, the curriculum covers vocal style and technique as it is applied to various types of music including Classical, Broadway, Folk, Jazz, and Pop. However, the basis of our program is rooted in the traditional classical style of the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods including all the appropriate literature.

Because of the physical developmental differences between genders, The Bethlehem Music Settlement recommends that girls begin no earlier than age 12-13. However, boys should begin earlier so that the young male voice develops before the adolescent voice change.

The young beginner usually begins with folk songs and other material that is appropriate for the young voice. All vocal exercises and techniques are based on the work of William J. Finn who advocates downward vocalization and building the voice from the softest sounds possible in order to promote healthy vocal development.

As the student and his/her voice matures and after having an extensive study in the pronunciation and articulation of the English language they move quickly move into the use of Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, and finally German.